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AI Foresight 2021:
Data-Driven Insights for Banking & Finance

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How to discover insights quickly from the huge amount of unstructured data, such as news, emails, research documents, call reports, etc?

This is a challenge that many of us working in financial services have encountered. The Squirro team spent the last two years working on a solution, the Augmented Banking Application, which is now live in Standard Chartered Bank.

In this webinar, speakers from Refinitiv, Squirro, Synechron, and Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) shared their experience in the development and implementation of this future-shaping solution.

You can watch the individual speaker presentations below.

Refinitiv - Andrei Borsaru

Andrei Borsaru
Andrei Borsaru
Solutions Business Director

Financial data scientists and ML engineers will shape the landscape for financial services globally. Among the data sources, there is growing importance in insights extraction from unstructured data, resulting in heavier investment in enhancing Natural Language Processing (NLP) abilities.

Squirro - Moritz Mueller

Moritz Muller
Moritz Mueller
General Manager Asia & Head of Product

Connecting various data sources, internal and external, and analyzing the contents with NLP, to bring the otherwise missed deal opportunities to your fingertips. The Chinese language is supported too!

Synechron - Marc Westgate

Marc Westgate
Managing Consultant

From ideation to going live, how is such a solution being implemented at clients? Marc shares the various challenges he has encountered during the implementation process, ranging from compliance requirements in various countries, integrations with existing legacy platforms, to cloud readiness.

Standard Chartered Bank - Wea Meng Chang & Koustuv Banerjee

Wea Meng Chang
SC Ventures
Koustuv Banerjee
Executive Director – Digital Channel and Data Analytics

How did the project come about? What was the role of SC Ventures in bringing new technology into the bank? From a business and strategic perspective, what are the challenges of bringing revenue-generating AI solutions to Global Banking? How are the users adopting the new tool? What impact does it have on the day-to-day life of a global banker? You will find the answers to the above questions in this panel discussion.

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