Squirro & FinTech Studios Present: The Future of FS with Generative AI

FinTech Studios and Squirro

See How Organizations are Moving the Needle with GPT

Incredible opportunities are becoming apparent with the advent of Generative AI. It truly is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to reduce countless hours of inefficient work and augment how organizations use data.

A recent Gartner survey shows that nearly 70% of financial services leaders reported that generative AI tools have the potential for benefits rather than risks for their organization. Most are, however, still early in the journey, seeking to understand the opportunities and risks that come with it.

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Squirro and FinTech Studios have come together to help you understand and navigate through many of these opportunities and risks. Squirro is a consistent Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary in Insights Engines and the producer of the enterprise-ready generative AI solution, SquirroGPT. FinTech Studios is the leading AI-based marketplace for business & regulatory intelligence, integrating millions of global sources of business, financial and regulatory information.

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Jim Tousignant is the Founder and CEO of FinTech Studios in NYC. Jim is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience building software technology and information companies. Previously Jim was Managing Director of e-Commerce and Business Development at Morgan Stanley, Managing Director of Global Sales at Thomson Financial and co-founder and President of Multex.com, a financial information company with annual revenues of $100 million that was acquired by Reuters.

"FinTech Studios is excited to be partnering with Squirro to deliver a best-in-class enterprise solution leveraging Squirro's generative AI enterprise solutions combined with FinTech Studios generative AI market intelligence and regulatory intelligence data and analytics from millions of public sources in 49 languages." - Jim Tousignant

During the event, you will have the opportunity to work alongside industry experts and be guided through the process of building your own customized app using Squirro and FinTech Studios technology to analyze your data of choice. This event will be a great starting point for your organization to explore the capabilities of generative AI in a no-cost, low-risk environment. As you’re building and using your app, you’ll see how your organization can:

  • Ingest and process unstructured data from multiple internal and external sources
  • Highlight key insights from within the data that cater to your current business challenges
  • Customize machine learning signals that focus on your needs
  • Use existing models that specialize in relevant concepts, such as investment statements, M&A, liquidity signs, and risk identification
  • Set up the ability to chat with your data using generative AI and an LLM

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Conor Leddy
Senior Enterprise Account Executive, North America
Jim Tousignant FinTech Studios
Jim Tousignant
CEO, Founder
FinTech Studios

  • Cocktails
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Demo Building Workshop
  • Q&A
  • Networking

Build your own personalized demo at the workshop to see why customers like Mubadala, the European Central Bank, and J.P. Morgan are leveraging these solutions today.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
5pm - 8pm EST


28 Liberty St.
6th Floor.
New York, NY 10005



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