The Squirro Academy Podcast

Redefining AI

Hosted by Lauren Hawker Zafer

With Christopher Nguyen

In a world where artificial intelligence is advancing at an unprecedented pace, the question arises: Will AI replace human expertise? Join us on Redefining AI as we dive deep into this thought-provoking topic with our guest, Christopher Nguyen.

Christopher firmly believes that the human touch is irreplaceable, arguing that AI systems often reflect and reinforce the biases of our imperfect world. But what exactly is wrong with the present, and how can we build a better future? The answer lies in the interplay between AI and the human eye.

Throughout this episode, we'll explore the implications of relying solely on machine-driven AI and the potential risks it entails. We'll uncover real-world examples where AI-driven decisions could have led to unintended consequences, emphasizing the crucial role of human involvement.

With a career spanning four decades, ⁠Christopher Nguyen⁠’s tech bona fides are second to none.

Since fleeing Vietnam in 1978, this multiple-time tech founder has played key roles in everything from building the first flash memory transistors at Intel to spearheading the development of Google Apps as its first Engineering Director. Today, he’s become an outspoken proponent of the emerging field of “AI Engineering” and a thought leader in the space of ethical, human-centric AI.

With his latest company, ⁠Aitomatic⁠, he’s hoping to redefine how companies approach AI in the context of life-critical, industrial applications.

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