Why we’re here

Get the right information at the right time in context of your work

We believe it’s not about more data, more analysis, and more reports. We believe it’s about augmenting human aptitude by providing intelligence in context of your work. Not once, but continuously. We call it Context Intelligence.

No Search

We’ve been doing search for over a decade and built the leader in local search here in Switzerland.

Armed with experience in consumer search we looked in 2013 what’s available for enterprises. Not much beyond problem ridden keyword search. We saw the need for a different kind of technology. That’s why we founded Squirro.

What we value

“There is lot of interest in our company about Squirro and that’s because of your support and can do attitude.”- S.S. System Architect
“Squirro has added a layer of real-time integration, ultimately adding value to our research and follow up capabilities.”- Evercore
“Squirro was able to offer search utilities across unstructured data which had been heretofore unattainable.”- The Center for Public Integrity

Where we’re going

Companies around the world are using Squirro to change their cost vs value equation of data forever. 95% of all data is never touched beyond primary use. And of all data just about 0.5% is actually analyzed. That’s about like buying a car, driving it back home, throw away the keys, and never use it again. This is costly and wasteful.The same applies for data.

The challenge is how to adapt the traditional enterprise data and enterprise search environment to an everYchanging multi application world where data is stored in multiple data silos (per application) and end users rapidly loose the ability to deal with information consistently and in the context of their work.

To solve this challenge, the traditional search philosophy (Go to a search box, enter a keyword, search, find, forget the result) needs to be turned upside down into a world in which the right type of information is delivered automatically at the right moment in the context of the information worker.

We are working to towards a future where organizations from every walk of life can put their data to effective and efficient use at the benefit or their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.