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What is Squirro

Squirro is an advanced Context Intelligence and Insights solution that allows organizations to efficiently manage and unlock the hidden value within data.

Backed with decades of experience in enterprise search and business intelligence, Squirro is the Insights solution for businesses that want to drive smarter and quicker decision-making across the board.

Our solutions enable organizations to efficiently access and analyze structured and unstructured data equipping them with near real-time and meaningful insights.

Squirro’s unique adaptive and advanced concept search technologies have been built to intuitively simplify data discovery and unlock new actionable insights; delivering information in context at the right time.

Squirro’s solutions integrate with IT Service Management, Customer Relationship and Business Intelligence systems, allowing a 360° view from across all systems.

Squirro’s Insights aid businesses to gain a better and faster understanding of their operations and clients; thus optimizing their processes and becoming more competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Squirro – The Insights Company


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Our Story

Squirro’s development and management team has been working on search software for over a decade and have built the local search leader application in Switzerland.

Armed with experience in consumer search we questioned, back in 2001, on what was available for enterprises. Not much beyond keyword search. Keyword search, as we all use it many times a day, has one often overlooked key characteristic: You need to know what you look for prior searching.

There was a need of a different kind of technology and Squirro was founded.

Why we’re here

Get the right information at the right time in context of your work

We believe it’s not about more data, more analysis, and more reports. We believe it’s about augmenting human aptitude by providing intelligence in context of your work. Not once, but continuously. We call it Context Intelligence.

Where we’re going

The Reality: 95% of all data is never touched beyond primary use. And of all data just about 0.5% is actually analyzed. That’s like buying a car, driving it back home, throw away the keys and never use it again. This is costly and wasteful. The same applies for data.

The Challenge: End users rapidly lose the ability to deal with information consistently and in the context of their work. Is it possible to adapt the traditional enterprise data and enterprise search environment to an ever changing multi-application world where data is stored in multiple data silos (per application)?   

The Future: To solve this challenge, the traditional search philosophy (go to a search box, enter a keyword, search, find, forget the result) needs to be turned upside down into a world in which the right type of information is delivered automatically at the right moment, in the context of what the user is looking for.

Squirro’s approach:  We are working towards a future where organizations from every walk of life can put their data to effective and efficient use at the benefit or their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Our Vision is to enable companies to access, analyse and turning data into actionable insights for their operations and customers, in a consistent and cost effective manner.

Today we deliver on our vision with 3 bespoke Insights solutions: Customer, Service and Risk Insights.