Continuous Learning – The Thread of Success

July 23, 2021

It is an indisputable fact that we live in an age of agile transformation. Both our professional, and personal lives are colored by the novel fabrics of technological change and with time, organizations have become accustomed to responding to these. Responses vary in speed and conviction, but the role and its importance remain universally acknowledged – the ability to compete and thrive, successfully, relies on their response. Understandably, though, this poses no easy task! There has been an exponential growth in accessible and emerging technologies and many companies are still struggling to recognize that digital transformation and technological change go far beyond the implementation of technology. So, if companies are to be blanketed by the rich fabrics of transformation success, which threads line the fabric?

Two words: continuous learning. Technology advances rapidly, so it makes undeniable sense that individuals should swiftly and consistently advance their technical knowledge and skillsets in order to keep up with it. As job requirements shift and possession of new technological knowledge becomes more necessary, it is companies who are nurturing the development of continuous learning practices that are staying ahead of competitors and challenging innovation. On a collective and individual level, keeping up with the rewarding dynamics of emerging technology boosts morale, it makes a workforce feel recognized and empowered which simultaneously improves retention – all whilst having a hugely positive impact on the perception of your company by your customers and any future employees. And let’s not forget, being informed about new skills emerging in your industry, also presents you with competitive armor to better equip yourself for future adventures.

The Squirro Academy provides an accessible opening to those that want to embark on continuous learning through experimentation or defined development in AI, Machine Learning & No Code. The Squirro Academy invites everyone to unlock technology’s capacity and discover how they can learn new skills or learn how to deliver new customer value. And, with an evolving nucleus, it is the ideal place to start to weave your own blanket of continuous learning practices.

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