Using AI as a Key Driver for Digital Transformation in Banking

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The modern concept of Digital Transformation has a special meaning to financial services organizations. Particularly those organizations that understand the need to stay current in tomorrow’s competitive landscape.

Many organizations have indeed begun to deploy AI-enabling technologies as part of their digital transformation initiatives, with deal origination, and next best action being the key drivers. IDC forecasts that Digital Transformation spending is to maintain a strong pace of growth over the 2016-2021 period with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.9%. In 2021, Digital Transformation spending will nearly double to more than $2.1 trillion.

Digital Transformation is primarily powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Squirro’s AI solutions monitor the banking organizations’ internal and external data and use Machine Learning to output key insights and recommendations to business and technology leaders.

What if you could transform unstructured content, such as documents, emails, research, and communication into actionable context, relevance, relationships, and data? Think about how much smarter and more effective your decision-making process would be if you had more insightful information that would allow you to improve outcomes, customer-centricity, and bottom line.

Watch the Recording of the webinar below and learn how your organization can enhance its Digital Transformation journey to find and build important relationships that result in more and bigger opportunities.