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AI is fueling business transformation across industries at lightspeed. From global corporations to SMBs, from CIOs and CTOs to front-of-the-house management, AI technology is revolutionizing business strategy, development, and growth.

Squirro's AI Week combines technological leadership with powerful use cases from world-leading companies to guide you through your journey to enhance decision intelligence and drive business transformation.

Whether you are exploring, implementing, or optimizing AI projects, you will receive the insight, recommendations, and tools you need to make your business plans a success at Squirro's AI Week.


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World-class C-suite speakers teach you how to accelerate your AI roadmap


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Understand the issues and opportunities for AI within finance, manufacturing, sales, marketing, operations, customer, and IT service management


Enhance your ability to innovate and maximize the extraction of value from AI


A Week of Presentations, Case Studies, & Hands-On Workshops

Business Programs

Watch a series of presentations, panel sessions and keynotes to hear from business leaders outlining how to accelerate digital transformation and drive successful AI and machine learning projects.

Headline Stages

Scaling Decision Intelligence

Explore the latest innovations, new AI use cases, and the potential of no-code/low-code AI platforms to scale decision intelligence and accelerate digital transformation.

From PoCs to Success

Equip yourself with the expertise you need to ensure success for your AI projects. Learn from IT and business leaders, with a hands-on approach, how to prove the real value of AI and align it with long-term business strategies.

Visionaries in AI

Connect with best-in-class business leaders, making an impact in digital transformation. Share perspectives on building a career in AI and developing leadership skills to drive growth and innovation.

Upskilling in AI

Step out of your comfort zone and be one of the early adopters of cutting-edge AI. Acquire new skills and enhance your ability to innovate and deliver success.

Dr. Dorian Selz
CEO & Co-Founder
Patrice Neff
CCO & Co-Founder
Squirro Toni Birrer
Toni Birrer
CTO & Co-Founder
Annerie Vreugdenhil
Head of ING Neo/ Chief Innovation Officer
Sander Desmet Moody's BvD
Sander Desmet
Senior Director – Product Strategy
Moody's Analytics - Bureau van Dijk
Helen Packard
Helen Packard
Digital Transformation Lead
Bank of England
Carrillo Valeria
Dr. Valeria Carrillo
Learning Experience Design Lead
On Deck
Kirk Werner
Kirk Werner
Vice President of Content
Ramnath Sarma
Global Head of Cash Client Service
Standard Chartered Bank
Lauren Hawker Zafer
Lauren Hawker Zafer
Head of Training and Education
Ciro Ahumada
VP Americas
Lee Mackenzie
Dr. Lee Mackenzie
Educational Researcher and Lecturer
Universidad del Norte
Ryan Dickson
Ryan Dickson
Business Development Manager
Conor Leddy
Account Executive
Amin Hasan
Solutions Engineer
Dr. Moritz Müller
General Manager Asia & Head of Product

Opening Statements

Dr. Dorian Selz, CEO, Squirro

Data Spotification: Turn Your Data Investments Into Revenue

Sander Desmet, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Data Solutions, Bureau van Dijk, a Moody's Analytics company
Dr. Moritz Müller, General Manager Asia & Head of Product, Squirro

AI-Driven Banking Customer Service

Ramnath Sarma, Global Head of Cash Client Service Standard Chartered Bank
Toni Birrer, CTO & Co-Founder, Squirro

Visionary Women in AI

Helen Packard, Digital Transformation Lead, The Bank of England
Annerie Vreugdenhil, Head of ING Neo/ Chief Innovation Officer, ING
Moderated by:
Lauren Hawker Zafer, Head of Training & Education, Squirro

Tapping into a Golden Source

Lauren Hawker Zafer, Head of Training and Education, Squirro
Amin Hasan, Solutions Engineer, Squirro

Closing Statements

Tom Allen, Founder, AI Journal

Opening Statements

Patrice Neff, CCO, Squirro

The Path from POC to Success

Ciro Ahumada, VP Americas, Armacell

Conor Leddy, Account Executive, Squirro

Scaling AI & Decision Intelligence

Dr. Dorian Selz, CEO, Squirro

The Role of Technical Skills in Future Workforces & The Evolution of Learning Approaches

Kirk Werner, VP of Content, Udacity

Ryan Dickson, Business Development Manager, Thrive

Dr. Lee Mackenzie, Educational Researcher and Lecturer, Universidad del Norte

Valeria Carrillo, EdD; Learning Experience Design Lead, On Deck

Moderated by Lauren Hawker Zafer, Head of Training and Education, Squirro

Closing Statements

Tom Allen, Founder, AI Journal

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