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Squirro Insight Engine

The Insight Engine powering your business

The Squirro Insight Engine augments search technology with Artificial Intelligence to deliver relevant and context-aware insights. It applies relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data.

This allows existing or synthesized information to be delivered proactively or interactively to digital workers, customers or constituents, in context and at timely business moments.


What’s an Insight Engine?

Many modern businesses are founded on their ability to use data to make smart and informed decisions in real time. But traditional enterprise search has proved to be an ineffective technology in meeting the demands of the modern knowledge worker.

People need the most accurate, relevant and contextual information delivered to them, so enterprises have benefited from the rise of the Insight Engine - as described by Gartner in its 2019 Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines: “Insight engines combine search with AI to deliver actionable insights derived from the full spectrum of content and data sourced within and external to the enterprise.”

Squirro Insights Engine

The Squirro Insight Engine

Why Squirro_Insight Engine Icon

Insight Engines augment search technology with artificial intelligence to deliver insights.

Whether for an employee progressing work or a customer pursuing a purchase, decisions and actions require insight - accurate and deep understanding. At the limits of personal knowledge, information becomes essential to attain insight.

Insight Engines apply relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data. This allows existing or synthesized information to be delivered, proactively or interactively, to digital workers, customers or constituents, in context and at timely business moments

Our Insight Engine gathers data from all internal, external and premium data sources, understands the data by applying multiple AI and ML models and helps users to act upon it through actionable recommendations and visualizations.


Reach revenue targets and avoid client churn

Delight your clients and increase efficiency

Stay ahead of the market and competition

Keep your business safe

Reduce search time and increase productivity

The Application Layer is Squirro’s uniform approach for developing Squirro applications, partner applications and client projects. It combines the distinct Insights Engine components into one uniform deployment experience.

Squirro provides over 150 Connectors out of the Box to the most relevant internal, external and premium data providers.
The data is indexed within our Elasticsearch database, offering a very scalable solution to our customers.

Squirro enriches your data with new metadata, maps and relates data from multiple data silos, and discovers known and unknown topics to finally label and classify all your data, providing a full understanding of it and enhanced by predictive capabilities.

Information and Insights become actionable in our Act process by providing advanced search capabilities, automating processes and recommending next best actions, all within our easy-to use and state-of-the-art dashboards

The AI Studio allows you to create your own machine learning models using your very own data. Structured in four easy steps, the Squirro’s AI Studio supports the full ML lifecycle.

Squirro is built for both cloud and for on-premise deployments. We have a service oriented approach, where the service is provided not by a few monolithic processes, but a fleet of small, very focused services. It can be deployed through a RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS, or either on a public or private cloud setup. We have successfully deployed Squirro on AWS, Azure, Hetzner and many other cloud services.


How It Works


Customers love Squirro for its simplicity and scalability

Squirro users have access to do-it-yourself unstructured data analytics and can create shareable dashboards on the go, using the easy and intuitive user interface.

Squirro is built with Elasticsearch, the world’s leading open source search and analytics solution, allowing organizations to leverage their existing investments into the best open-source, full-text search engine.


Augmented Intelligence and AI Studio

Turn unused data into actionable insights with
Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence solutions

Create and train your own machine learning models with
AI Studio


For Business


  • Out-of-the-box apps available
  • Powerful analytics and visualization tools
  • Easily integrated with any data source
    via pre-existing connectors
  • Cognitive Search across unstructured data sources


  • Year-on-year reduction in search time of up to 90%
  • Use of natural language to fit more conversational searches
  • More accurate, relevant and contextual search results
  • Automatically generated 360°client cockpit for better decision-making

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