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Insurance and the Power of Augmented Intelligence

Insurance and the Power of Augmented Intelligence

Customer Experience and Profit Redefined

The insurance industry is under pressure.

Challenged to deliver customer-centric products and services, while driving process efficiencies, many firms struggle to innovate due to legacy systems, regulations, and an inherent conservatism.

Download this whitepaper to understand the impact of Machine Learning and Augmented Intelligence on the insurance sector and learn just how the world’s biggest and best-known insurance firms are already using the analytical power of Squirro for Insurance to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of customers and markets
  • Uplight the customer experience by offering the right products
  • Manage faster claims handling and underwriting processes
  • Pro-actively generate new leads and opportunities
  • Reduce dependency on agents and brokers

According to a recent survey, Accenture revealed that 79% of insurance executives believe that AI will revolutionize the way insurers gain information from and interact with their customers. Where do you stand? Download the whitepaper today!

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