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Enhanced Bankers – The Impact of AI

Enhanced Bankers – The Impact of AI

Financial Services Survey Report

What impact does Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have on banking organizations?

Using AI and machine learning to source new opportunities is key to bankers. 83% welcome the idea of an AI engine to spot an event that led to engaging with a client and closing a deal. Bankers recognize that machine driven insights augment the understanding of opportunities. This automates the execution of each opportunity and changes everything.

Gain an understanding of how global banks view:

  • The opportunity to generate new business using AI and ML
  • The ability to gain a holistic view of their market and customers
  • The business value of combining internal and external data sources

Report Abstract

This document explores the present state and potential capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems as applied to large customer facing bank trading and structuring desks. TABB Group conducted extensive interviews with senior banking executives, who are deeply involved in projects to leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to obtain greater insight, and TABB conducted a survey of the market to understand broader trends.

Download this report today and position your organization to find and win new opportunities faster.

By Terry Roche
Principal, Head of FinTech Research
TABB Group

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