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From Keyword to Cognitive… Updating Search for the Modern Enterprise


Squirro Cognitive Search is the next generation of Enterprise Search. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to return results that are more relevant to the user and, in turn, increases productivity. By extracting and understanding more insights from content, search results are greatly improved.

Download the white paper to learn how Squirro Cognitive Search utilizes ElasticSearch to allow your organization to quickly create an environment that offers:

  • Insights-based results providing actionable next steps
  • Cognitive Search based on a user’s intent and interest for faster and more accurate results
  • AI-based enterprise search with self-learning algorithms that continue learning to deliver better results

AI-Driven Cognitive Search to Replace Google Search Appliance (GSA)Read about Helvetia’s usage of Squirro to seamlessly replace their GSA environment and provide their five million customers with context and intent oriented search, click here.

Over fifteen years after its introduction, Google Search Appliance (GSA) sees its end-of life in 2019. While it provided the necessary basics for Enterprise Search, GSA was not developed to offer the advantages offered by modern technologies. Enterprise Search itself has evolved from a traditional data storage, categorization, and retrieval model into a complex set of requirements that must be strongly aligned with the achievement of overall business goals.

Squirro is able to provide a structure to the content, more accurately capturing what is contained within the text, through its utilization and functional enhancement of ElasticSearch. This leading search engine technology, which has been adapted by a wide array of companies spanning various industries, is included within Squirro’s advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions to offer AI-Driven Cognitive Search.