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Navigating the New Risk Landscape – How Augmented Intelligence will Impact the Reinsurance Industry


Continuing the Ongoing Journey of Digital Transformation

It probably isn’t that well-known outside of the Financial Services industry, yet reinsurance is a massive and important market. A research firm revealed that the global reinsurance market was worth $247.5B in 2017 and is expected to reach $287.7B by the end of 2025.

Yet despite this predicted growth, reinsurance is facing several challenges that will have a significant impact into which organizations flourish and adapt to the market conditions, and which ones fall by the wayside.

This whitepaper – written in conjunction with our partner, Synpulse, a leading business consultancy servicing reinsurance companies globally – outlines some of the main challenges faced by reinsurers and offers pragmatic yet tangible solutions to those challenges as reinsurers look to face the future with confidence. We gathered further insight from some of our customers, who were happy to share some real-world examples of how Augmented Intelligence has helped them thrive.

Download this white paper to understand the challenges facing the reinsurance industry, what some of the critical moves will be for reinsurers in 2020, and how Augmented Intelligence will impact the industry.

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