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Squirro & CMCI Bring AI Technology to US Federal Government

Zurich – May 11, 2020 – Augmented intelligence solutions provider, Squirro, is to partner with US technology services consultancy, CMCI, as the two organizations look to bring augmented intelligence applications to the US federal government.

CMCI works extensively with the US federal government, particularly the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It provides a range of technologies and services that all aim to address the specific challenges of those customers – improving the lives of US citizens and safeguarding the US borders.

CMCI - Leading Technology Transformation
One of CMCI’s key services is the provision of advanced data science capabilities that allow customers to make the most of the data they hold. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important element of this. Squirro’s augmented intelligence solutions can manage and utilize unstructured data sources which would make a significant positive difference in solving its customer’s current challenges.

“Because Squirro’s augmented intelligence technology involves the power of AI combined with human intuition it feels like a powerful technology for CMCI to deploy,” said Pulak Chakrabarti, CEO, CMCI. “It’s a company with a strong track of working with government departments in Europe and food safety organizations. The platform will be highly suited to the federal government, which has long been a pioneer in its use of cutting-edge technologies.”

The new partnership will see the two companies work together to develop specific applications for the federal government sector but also to jointly enter new markets.

“CMCI is an undisputed leader when it comes to working with US federal government,” said Miguel Rodriguez, Chief Sales Officer, Squirro. “Combining CMCI’s deep expertise and experience in working with the federal government with Squirro’s technology will be a compelling proposition, adding value to CMCI’s current customers and helping to win new ones. Our augmented intelligence technology adds the most value to users when used for a specific purpose and for CMCI to begin developing apps based on our platform is hugely exciting.”

Squirro works with a range of organizations in different sectors all over the world, including Investec, UK government departments, and Buhler. For the latter organization, Squirro launched, which is based on Squirro’s augmented intelligence platform and monitors thousands of data sources around the world to provide accurate and real-time insights into food risks.

This use of unstructured data to provide insight was what CMCI found especially compelling. They realized that Squirro’s technology could be deployed to great effect with federal government customers.

“Our federal government customers are constantly looking for the technologies that will give them the edge in their on-going missions,” continued Pulak Chakrabarti, CMCI. “Extracting insight from unstructured data to identify the risk and threat for people and cargo containers coming to the US has been a major challenge and Squirro will make that much more straightforward.”

Steven Grinberg
Post By Steven Grinberg May 11, 2020

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