New Squirro App Brings Artificial Intelligence to Institutional Asset Management

May 2, 2018

App within Squirro for Corporate Financial Services uses AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to improve customer insight, unearth new deals and increase accuracy of key investment decisions

Zurich, London, 02 May 2018 – Squirro, the AI driven context intelligence and insights solution provider, has announced the launch of a new application that brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics to institutional asset management.

Part of the Squirro for Corporate Financial Services suite of applications, the new institutional asset management app will unlock previously missing customer understanding and market opportunities, by allowing institutional asset managers to extract insight from its structured and unstructured data.

The new app takes data not only from multiple CRM platforms, but a variety of unstructured data sources too. These include public RSS news feeds, social media, earnings call transcripts, email, call notes and a broad selection of premium data subscriptions such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

“Asset management firms are looking at various ways to consolidate the voluminous data shared across the globe to make informed decisions,” said Dr. Dorian Selz, CEO and co-founder, Squirro. “What the new Squirro application does is allow them to detect patterns hidden in structured and unstructured data to produce actionable insights, which can increase the accuracy of key investment decisions and offer recommendations to facilitate portfolio management decisions.”

With such a wide and disparate variety of events and catalysts that can trigger a new opportunity in institutional asset management, the new app alerts users immediately when a new opportunity presents itself. It also scores and ranks every opportunity and provides actionable recommendations to institutional asset managers so they can contact clients confidently with the best investment option.

The Squirro institutional asset management app is also a major help when it comes to saving time on researching new opportunities. Much of this research is currently done manually, which is both time consuming, and often, ineffective.

“Asset management firms can gain substantial benefits through the adoption of AI and machine learning,” concluded Dr Dorian Selz. “Squirro’s breakthrough technology unlocks a new set of digital capabilities that can recognize patterns in real time and provide actionable recommendations.”

Squirro for Corporate Financial Services was launched in January 2018 and is based on Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence platform, an advanced technology that places Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Predictive Analytics right at the heart of the enterprise. Other applications available in the suite include real estate, investment banking and corporate and institutional banking.

For more information about the Squirro Institutional Asset Management App click here.

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