Generative Deep Learning – Teaching Machines to Paint, Write, Compose, and Play

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May 3, 2023

The Squirro Academy Podcast

Redefining AI

Hosted by Lauren Hawker Zafer

With David Foster

Generative modeling is one of the hottest topics in AI at present, seeing as it is now possible to teach a machine to excel at human endeavors such as: painting, writing, and composing music. This episode helps you understand how we got to this point, and how the use of generative deep learning impacts our understanding of authorship and creativity in the arts, such as music, and literature.

David and Lauren also discuss the huge impacts that Generative AI will have on children who are growing up with AI.

David Foster is the co-founder of Applied Data Science Partners, a data science consultancy delivering bespoke solutions for clients. He holds an MA in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge, UK and an MSc in Operational Research from the University of Warwick. He is a faculty member of the Machine Learning Institute and has won several international machine learning competitions. He is the author of Generative Deep Learning: Teaching Machines To Paint, Write, Compose and Play (O'Reilly), an acclaimed technical textbook focused on novel applications of deep learning to generative modelling.

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