The Squirro Academy Podcast

Redefining AI

Hosted by Lauren Hawker Zafer

With Kyle Harrison

Get ready to dive into the dynamic world of venture and AI on the latest episode of Redefining AI!

Join Lauren as she sits down with Kyle Harrison, a General Partner at Contrary Capital, to explore the evolving landscape of AI investments, the balance between open-source and competitive advantage, and the future of accessible technology.

Discover how the journey of accessibility, democratization, and collaboration is shaping the tech industry. Tune in for insights that redefine the AI landscape!

Kyle Harrison is a General Partner at Contrary, where he leads Series A and growth-stage investing.

He joined Contrary from Index where he was a Partner, and before that he was a growth investor at Coatue. His portfolio includes iconic startups and public companies including Ramp, Replit, Cohere, Snowflake, and Databricks.

Furthermore, he regularly shares his analysis on the venture capital landscape via his Substack Investing 101.

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