A Squirro Academy Podcast

With Ryan Keenan

Hosted by Lauren Hawker Zafer

This month’s guest on Redefining AI, the Squirro Academy hosted podcast, was Ryan Keenan – the Director of Product at DeepLearning.AI. In this episode, The Promising Paths of AI and Data, Ryan and Lauren outline the monumental importance of AI, comparing its value to the invention of electricity. Like electricity, AI is everywhere – from internet searches to online shopping, and most people use it on a daily basis without even knowing. Despite its prevalence though, most companies are still figuring out how to incorporate it to be able to augment and educate their workforce.

Why AI and Data Literacy Matters

With AI becoming more and more widespread across many industries, the need for AI and data literacy is becoming more imperative for all kinds of job roles – even for artists and more creative roles, in general. And its use goes far beyond job titles and requirements: AI and data literacy can benefit everyone as it facilitates and improves decision-making, thus becoming more and more important to people’s everyday lives. That’s also why introducing it in school curriculums as early as possible is an idea worth pursuing.

Reality Check on Public Perceptions of AI

We’ve all been faced with fantasy images of AI powering killer robots or wreaking havoc in surveillance and military applications, but it’s time to leave behind the doom and gloom perception of this aspiring technology. This podcast talks about why these perceptions are wrong, how to approach AI instead, and where to look for the much more prevalent wins that are achieved using AI and data science across many industries.

Find out more about this topic by listening to the podcast episode below:

About the Speaker

An astrophysicist by training, Ryan Keenan leads the product team at DeepLearning.AI working with Andrew Ng and a team of passionate educators and A.I. experts. Ryan is originally from Minnesota, studied physics and astronomy in Colorado and Wisconsin, did several years of postdoctoral work in Chile and Taiwan and finally left academia in 2015 to start a career in online education.

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