Service Insights

Insights for Proactive Incident Management

Real-World Spotlight: Leading Telco

Dialling up IT Service Efficiency for Switzerland’s Largest Telco

An ITSM environment that isn’t proactive to downtime can quickly have a negative impact on profits. For this Telco, avoiding downtime expense meant achieving the fastest possible MTTR. Squirro’s Service Insights provides a 360-degree view of issues, leverages internal knowledge resources, and delivers actionable insights directly into their primary ITSM application.

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Downtime is unacceptably high due to long resolution

Finding the root cause of an issue is a lengthy and expensive investigation process

We’re reactive to ITSM threats, and struggle to manage the resources we have


I protect the business profits by keeping downtime to an absolute minimum

I often identify the cause of issues in a few clicks and can assign the right people and solutions to resolve it

I’m proactive to escalating issues and can manage my resources profitably

Equip your Team with Knowledge
and Efficiency

Create real-time service insights

Improve incident resolution by 30%

Leverage existing knowledge bases, similar tickets and more for suggested solutions

Predict trends; identify anomalies

Automated clustering and risk-scoring of incidents

The Squirro Insights Engine


Use any data – machine or human-generated

Enrich it; relate it

Define unique concepts


Apply AI insights

Detect seasonal trends

Identify anomalies


Create automated responses

Open API

Deliver real-time insights into your CRM