Service Insights

The generative AI-enabled service management solution.

In a Nutshell

  • Enterprise-ready (self-service) generative AI to enhance service efficiency.
  • Unified connection and 360° views across internal and external data systems.
  • Seamless integration into ServiceNow or internal workbench of choice.
  • Automated classification of incidents and cases, including automated root-cause identification.

1 Next-Generation Self-Service Chat


  • Existing self-service chatbots fail to understand complex queries and context making it hard for users to find relevant information efficientl.
  • Pre-programmed responses lead to frustration and dissatisfying interactions.
  • Ineffective chatbots can result in a higher volume of service desk calls and tickets or losing prospects and existing customers to competitors.


  • SquirroGPT replaces outdated chatbots with a generative AI assistant.
  • SquirroGPT's advanced generative AI interprets questions naturally and provides context-inclusive answers.
  • It connects your website and additional support documents for seamless information access for prospects and existing customers.

2 The Enterprise-Ready Generative AI Assistant for Your Support Staff


  • Meeting response and resolution time targets is challenging due to the high volume of calls and tickets and often inefficient access to necessary information resources.
  • Efficient access to training documentation and communication guidelines is essential to keep support staff updated with product knowledge and communication techniques.


  • SquirroGPT enables support staff to quickly access accurate answers from the customer support knowledge base through simple chat interactions.
  • Connect all relevant internal information repositories, including communication guidelines and training documents, to provide comprehensive support without inefficient searches.

3 Automated Case Classification


  • Manual case classification of millions of customer requests leads to slow responses and unhappy clients.
  • Lack of automation results in frustrated support teams and costly remedies.


  • Squirro's Service Insights automates case classification with over 90% accuracy.
  • It identifies root causes and provides a unified 360° view across internal and external data systems.
  • Reduce mean time to resolution by over 30%

Are you interested in learning what the impact would be to implement SquirroGPT in your customer service environment?

Use this calculator to estimate your monthly savings and time to ROI when your service desk employees are utilizing SquirroGPT.

Simply use the slider to select the number of calls your service desk team typically make annually. This will dictate your annual salary cost, the potential savings you can earn, and the estimated time to ROI.

Once you're done, enter your email address at the bottom of the calculator to send your results. We'll be able to then help you fine tune your results.


  • 200 working days p.a.
  • 30 calls per Service Desk employee per day
  • Average cost per Service Desk employee $70K p.a.

Experience Generative AI

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