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A Letter to our Community of Customers, Prospects, and Partners

Firstly, we hope that you, your loved ones, friends, and colleagues are healthy.
Our thoughts go out to those who are sick and we wish them a full recovery. From our hearts, we thank the devoted healthcare and essential services workers. They are truly an inspiration to us all.
Together, we face a truly unprecedented situation. During this time, I wanted to reach out and update you on how we’re approaching the situation at Squirro. We have set exactly two goals during these testing times: 1) keep everyone at Squirro and our beloved ones healthy and 2) keep Squirro serving you at its best given the changing economic circumstances.

Keep Everyone Healthy

For the past two weeks, all Squirro employees have been working remotely from their home offices and will continue to do so. We have shifted all business meetings and events to digital channels. This has been a smooth transition given Squirro’s fully digital approach. The team remains healthy while working in a safe environment.

Keep Squirro Serving You

All of us here at Squirro continue to be laser-focused on your success. While all businesses are in unchartered territory, Squirro as a young company is built to deal with uncertainty and rapid change. We built this company on our core values – Trust, Passion, Growth – which continue to guide everything we do.
During this time, we are making our technology available for free to all qualified emergency response, health care, and essential services teams. If you are aware of any such opportunity, please, let me know at
Many of you are severely impacted by the sudden economic standstill. Given this, maybe you are already reviewing your digitalization and AI initiatives, from downsizing, postponing, or outright cancellation. Consider the following: Digital came out stronger after each of the past severe downturns, for example in 2001 or 2008.
Working with our customers and partners, we have found clever ways to mitigate short-term impacts while preserving the top and bottom-line potential of AI technologies for the future of their business. Reach out to me to discuss any such plan. We are here to support you.
This time reminds us all how precious and fragile our world is. This period calls upon us, to be our best selves with care and compassion. We are all connected and will come out stronger together.
We value your ideas and feedback. One ping and we’ll be with you.
Dorian Selz
CEO & Co-Founder
Post By squirro November 13, 2023

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