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Squirro AI Week 2021 Brings AI Benefits to Business and IT

The adoption of AI over the last decade has been gradual, but significant. PwC research revealed that 25% of organizations participating in its 2021 AI survey reported widespread adoption of AI, up from 18% in 2020.
This is very encouraging, but the fact remains that getting AI projects off the ground can be challenging. The world is moving rapidly, but some organizations lack the talent, structure, and tools to capitalize on AI fully.
That's why we are so excited to announce the launch of our inaugural AI Week 2021. It's a virtual event designed to showcase AI best practices and provide interactive executive masterclasses. Taking place between 5 and 8 October, it will show business and IT leaders how to get more from AI and Machine Learning (ML).

The Need for AI

AI is one of the most transformative technologies that the world has seen. It already powers (and improves) many elements of our day-to-day lives, but it has the potential to do much more. AI allows businesses to understand what their customers really want, when they want it, and why.

AI allows an organization to make informed and data-driven decisions on sales, customer and IT service, marketing, and more, boosting profitability and productivity. The level of insight that AI can extract from an organization's data makes it especially compelling for businesses.

Even though the world is positively drowning in data, most of the data generated in business remains completely unused. The way most data is (un)structured and stored makes it hard to extract insight from and sometimes even to find. Given the importance of being a data-driven business, this is far from ideal. But thanks to AI, better ways of working with data are emerging.

An Entirely New Way of Addressing Data

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, instead of users spending valuable time unsuccessfully searching through reams of data for insight, that more contextually aware insight found its way to them at precisely the moment they needed it? This is the reality in the not-too-distant future, and it’s all down to AI.

It will happen by changing the way we look at information, taking content, relevance, timing, and destination to form ‘Insights’ or computational tokens. Our CEO and co-founder Dorian Selz has written extensively on this subject before and it’s a use of AI that will be truly transformational.

What Are the Barriers to AI?

Given that AI is already hugely impactful and the vast potential of the computational token approach, one could argue that the amount of organizations deploying AI in a meaningful way is relatively low. So, what's behind the relative lack of take-up?

AI can seem daunting to organizations that aren’t structured to maximize its potential and lack the skills and talent to do so. There is a real need to tailor AI to specific business use cases to deliver quick wins and build momentum for further use across the organization.

AI is a powerful tool that should be in the hands of both business and IT users to realize its true potential.

AI Week 2021

When we started discussions about AI Week, these challenges were front of mind. We wanted to put together an event to highlight the real AI journeys of renowned companies across multiple industries. Sharing their own experiences and best practice brings AI to life and makes it attainable and understandable for anyone watching.

We have gathered c-suite speakers of the highest caliber from international organizations, including ING, Bank of England, and Armacell. On the 5th and 6th of October, our speakers will talk openly about their AI experiences and advise how best to approach AI programs.

The second part of AI Week (6th to 8th October) offers a series of exclusive masterclasses, all designed to enable business and IT executives to get the most from AI and ML. A selected group of participants will benefit from hands-on workshops led by Squirro AI experts, and live case studies from world-leading organizations to learn and understand how to maximize outputs with AI in their organization.

Anyone attending these masterclasses will leave with the skills necessary to identify opportunities for data science in their business and learn about the tools to prioritize and successfully execute on those opportunities.

Steven Grinberg
Post By Steven Grinberg December 4, 2023

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