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The Squirro Approach to Training and Certification

The launch of the online Squirro Academy marks the birth of our new, interactive, and skill-focused training approach to technical and non-technical training and certification. As life-long fans of learning and augmentation, Squirro has been busy developing a variety of new, on-demand, online courses that have been academically designed to offer product insight, knowledge transfer, skill development, peer learning, and self-evaluation. Our entire course offering has been rolled out for all of our partners and clients and focuses on presenting trainees with the opportunity to develop a project-specific skill and/or develop a solid set of tools to be able to deliver the Squirro solution in a competent, independent manner.
Squirro Academy
Education is an enabler and we understand this at Squirro. So, in order to increase enablement success, we wanted to ensure that we were able to offer a training model that all of our global trainees can benefit from. Our online model offers a holistic experience that includes a variety of social educational practices, e.g. peer learning and virtual networking, and content for different learning types (audio, visual, kinesthetic). All of these features, and many more present adequate and varied interaction opportunities that suit real educational requirements. In addition to this, it is our priority to ensure that all trainees are supported with realistic project-like activities to be able to develop a skill.
The inclusion of practical evaluation opportunities: e.g. differing knowledge checks, dialogue evaluation using reverse engineering and snippets of code exemplify this approach and when finished, each trainee ends their training course with a corresponding, skills-based certification assignment that is marked and discussed, in detail.

Focus Units Available

All of our lessons differ, no two are the same. A variety of topics, both technical and non-technical, cover the key features and functionalities of the Insights Engine and the solutions we offer: e.g. Squirro Use Cases, The Squirro Architecture, Selling Squirro, Data Loading and Dashboard Visualization. Each individual lesson is curated by Squirro subject experts who have had hands-on experience on multiple Squirro projects, and online educational specialists. Together, they have focused on enabling knowledge and practical skill acquisition, ensuring that our partners and clients are set up for independent project success.
All of the different modules are categorized into technical and non-technical learning plans, where each lesson truly exemplifies the carefully thought out approach that has been taken to drawing our trainees into our narrative and our world. We want to make sure that those working with us really understand our product, our approach, and most importantly know how they can get the most from Squirro. Being able to share our knowledge and experience with our partners and clients is wonderful and for this we are grateful!

Take a Peek

If you would like to find out more about the Squirro Academy or would like a personal introduction; please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we look forward to hearing from you!
Lauren Hawker
Steven Grinberg
Post By Steven Grinberg November 14, 2023

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