Generative AI for Your Data

SquirroGPT is built with robust enterprise security measures that respect and uphold the sanctity of enterprise data security and access credentials. SquirroGPT uses a proven information retrieval stack, offering flexibility via a wide range of data connectors. Each answer comes directly linked to the source of information to avoid hallucinations.

SquirroGPT Products


SquirroGPT Web

SquirroGPT allows you to have a generative AI chat window directly on your website with just a few clicks. Squirro automatically scrapes your website and allows you to connect additional documents like, for instance, user manuals. This way, your website users can access your content like never before while allowing you to capture valuable user data.


SquirroGPT Data

Upload your data files or connect your (often siloed) data repositories via Squirro’s one-click connectors to use generative AI capabilities on all your organization's data. SquirroGPT always provides the sources with the generated answers and is designed with strong security measures for businesses. These measures prioritize and maintain the safety of sensitive business data.


SquirroGPT Enterprise Search

The entire SquirroGPT suite with all SquirroGPT offerings in one comprehensive package. Fully integrated into all your existing systems and workbenches. Squirro handles the complete implementation: setting up data connectors, enrichments, and user access controls. After setting things up, Squirro offers dedicated support with operating enterprise-wide integration of SquirroGPT to your satisfaction.

Why People Love Squirro

"Squirro helps in improving the business opportunities and also helps in enhancing and improving customer bonds."
- Gartner® Peer Reviews

"Overall, the implementation of the solutions was on time and within budget. Technical and customer success support is on a high level."
- Gartner® Peer Reviews

"The delivery and design of Squirro into our organization has been a real success. The challenge of getting Squirro into the existing infrastructure was smooth and with amazing support from colleagues at Squirro."
- Gartner® Peer Reviews

What SquirroGPT Offers

Unlike other large language model (LLM) solutions that might create content based on patterns without clear proof, SquirroGPT is different. It always shows where its information comes from.

It goes a step further by letting businesses use their own data sets. This way, the answers it gives are customized to fit the specific situation of each organization.

In the digital era, data security is vital. SquirroGPT prioritizes enterprise security to safeguard sensitive data and access credentials. Squirro’s ISO-27001 certification ensures your information assets are stored and handled securely.

This is because of our innovative approach called “Retrieval Augmented LLMs.” LLMs are compute-heavy yet inefficient at searching, automating, and managing data. By blending different techniques, Squirro enhances results and cost-effectiveness.

While other GPT solutions might struggle with fitting in, SquirroGPT stands out with its powerful connectors. These connectors smoothly work with various business systems, making integration a breeze.

SquirroGPT is designed to fit seamlessly into an organization’s existing workbenches, e.g., Intranets, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, an ERP, etc. This ensures businesses don’t have to overhaul their current systems but can enhance them with SquirroGPT’s capabilities.

Just putting enterprise data into a GPT solution isn’t sufficient. Data evolves, and these changes must be mirrored. SquirroGPT goes beyond data processing; it’s a master of the entire data life cycle, from input to analysis and even removal.

Knowledge graphs are a form of graph database that stores facts about the world and the relationships between them. By being graph-enabled, SquirroGPT can seamlessly integrate with knowledge graphs, tapping into a rich source of structured information to enhance their outputs.

Squirro fosters collaboration by enabling users to share, access, and discover relevant information across the organization more efficiently. Squirro supports this based on a contextual understanding of user profiles, queries, and interaction patterns.

The enterprise solutions also bring recommendations and insights. Not just chat input but personalized content based on user behavior and interests, encouraging knowledge sharing and improving engagement.

SquirroGPT can be integrated with a range of use case-specific solutions built on the same Insight Engine platform, including Risk Management, Service Management, Sales Management, and Knowledge Management. See our Solutions pages for more information.

The Platform That Powers It All

Insight Engine
Insight Engine

An Insight Engine combines AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, retrieval augmented generative AI, and knowledge graphs to quickly and efficiently extract valuable insights, patterns, trends, and relationships from large and diverse datasets from multiple, often siloed data sources.

Open Platform
Semantic Enterprise Search

Semantic Enterprise Search understands and interprets user queries, providing more accurate and relevant results. It learns and adapts over time, improving its accuracy and relevance the more it is used. With the addition of generative AI, Squirro offers the best of both worlds for unrivaled information access.

Data Classification

Squirro’s AI Studio is a no-code machine learning platform that enables you to build and deploy machine learning models without writing code. Additionally, Squirro’s Model-as-a-Service offers an end-to-end solution for deploying and maintaining your machine-learning models in a production environment.

ROI Example - Service Management

Are you interested in learning what the impact would be to implement SquirroGPT in your customer service environment?

This calculator shows the estimated ROI for using SquirroGPT with a customer service management deployment. In particular, it estimates your monthly savings and time to ROI when your service desk employees are utilizing SquirroGPT.

Simply use the slider to select the number of calls your service desk team typically make annually. This will dictate your annual salary cost, the potential savings you can earn, and the estimated time to ROI.

Once you're done, enter your email address at the bottom of the calculator to send your results. We'll be able to then help you fine tune your results.


  • 200 working days p.a.
  • 30 calls per Service Desk employee per day
  • Average cost per Service Desk employee $70K p.a.

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