How does it work?

Enterprises have data. Lots of data. A small portion is structured – log files, spreadsheets, tables, but most of it – up to 80% – is unstructured data, such as call notes, meeting minutes, emails, documents and stored in data silos, e.g. CRMs, ECMs, ITSM systems.

Most users don’t think of this data in terms rows, columns or fields but of how to get their job done. This is what Squirro excels in: Detecting insights in (mostly) unstructured data.

Squirro developed an Adaptive Search & Smart Filtering capability, which collates and analyses data across multiple systems both internal and external to the company. As the unstructured data is being collated it learns from this whilst monitoring and identifying information and patterns that normally we would miss.

We are using the Squirro Adaptive Search & Smart Filtering capability to provide two complete solutions; one for improving ITSM, Service Insights and one for improving the customer engagement, Customer Insights.

Simplicity at Scale

Discover Insights

The Search based intuitive user interface allows users to naturally discover new insights.


Enrich your data with sentiments, entities (e.g. detect your products, escalation issues, client engagement), tags, and locations, to reveal hidden data dimensions.

Aggregate any Data

Squirro unifies your data regardless of its origin, the format, and the variety.

Smart Dashboards

Combine multiple data views into a single dashboard to stay on top of your data.

Share in Seconds

Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to share live on the web, mobile or integrated your internal systems.

Fast to Deploy

Delivered as a cloud solution or as on premise solution.

Concept Search

Search a concept (e.g. based on a document, a paragraph) instead of keywords.


The solution is built to scale both vertically and horizontally.


Automated updates based on your freshest data, with notifications and alerts.


Ready for stand alone use or easily integrated into enterprise software such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, Salesforce ServiceCloud, Qlik, and Tableau.

Update Automatically

Get the freshest data with a live connection to your data and get automatic updates on a schedule you define.

Fast Analytics

Connect and visualize your (unstructured) data in minutes.

Concept Search

Core to Squirro is the proprietary Adaptive Search & Smart Filtering technology

The traditional enterprise data and search environments are an ever-changing multi application world where data is stored in multiple data silos (per application) and end users rapidly loose the ability to deal with information consistently and in the context of their work and work.

The traditional keyword based enterprise search – Go to a search box, enter a keyword, search, find, forget the result – often fails at delivering actionable results.

The solve this challenge you need to provide an ability to search for Concepts. E.g. for the concept ‘Product Issues’ between the company and the customer, or ‘Similar Tickets’.

Squirro’s proprietary Adaptive Search and Smart Filtering technology allows to create on-the-fly Smart Filtering to detect similars in vast volumes of text and other types of unstructured data.

Based on a combination of state of the art retrieval algorithms and statistical analysis we calculate the Concept. The Smart Filtering Technology incorporates layers of additional meta-information. The resulting Smart Filter provides a very concise meta-representation of the topic of interest.

With this Smart Filtering Technology you can start to either tag inbound information (e.g. automatically cluster similar tickets) or carry out a manual Smart Filtering.

Context Intelligence for organized and unstructured data

Information delivered without context is of little use

Three key drivers guide the development of Squirro’s Context Intelligence approach:


Search is not an independent activity but always carried out in context of a broader activity. For example if a client relationship manager needs to know what happened between her company and the customer she implicitly states a context – the client relationship.


Time is one of the least considered factors to add relevance to search results. Some searches are performed repeatedly every hour or every day. Examples include a continued interest customer engagement, ticket status, etc.


Based on signals gathered from any source (open web, BI, CRM, social networks…), Squirro delivers documents a user is more likely to find interesting and starts building a personal Smart Filter. This Smart Filter adapts to user behavior.

Over time any enterprise will adopt technology to deliver the right type of information at the right moment in the context of her work. We call the category Context Intelligence Systems.


Unify, enrich and index data – enabling a highly scalable adaptive search

Data Import:

Connect to any internal or external data source; structured or unstructured data

Data Enrichment:

Squirro’s pipeline processes the data and allows project-specific enrichments.

Data Indexing:

The indexed data is persisted in Squirro’s data storage layer.

Data Access:

Data can be consumed through the standalone Squirro User Interface or a variety of Integrations into other systems.

Squirro may be consumed either as a cloud / private cloud or on premise solution.