Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT have thoroughly disrupted business today. Here to help understand what's going on there and how business leaders should view LLMs, Peter Scott speaks with Dorian Selz. Dorian called from Zurich, where he is the CEO of the international organization, Squirro, which makes it easier for businesses to start using AI. They talked about everything from where to be wary of LLMs to EU regulation.

The conversation starts with a thought experiment that asks whether we're actually seeing the productivity we imagined would exist thanks to the technological advances over the past thirty-plus years. Next, they discuss the boundaries of usefulness for LLMs in the current business environment. Here, Dorian provides a bit of historical context before diving into how LLMs are being made useful in the enterprise today by removing some of their inherent weaknesses, such as hallucinations. After focusing some time on the potential disillusionment and backlash that might stem from the current AI hype cycle, the speakers discuss how the European Union AI Act might get ahead of some of those reactions.

Listen to this podcast episode to understand the place of LLMs in big business; its advantages, and the potential pitfalls to prepare for.

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