Squirro Cognitive Search
Food Safety

Build an insights engine tuned for food safety

Squirro Cognitive Search
Food Safety

>Build an insights engine tuned for food safety

Contextualization Of Data From All Relevant Sources

The Cognitive Search App is delivered pre-configured with data focusing on food safety.

The application tracks in real-time risks in food supply chains, disease outbreaks, and hazards entering production plants.

This app allows you to test the Cognitive Search App fully pre-configured. No need to load any data, just get started! You may later set up your own project with your data in the same instance.


Creating An Environment of Success


  • Real-time RSS news and blog feeds
  • Full cognitive search, including type-ahead, error correction
  • Daily highlights view (Masonry board view or Cardboard view)
  • Topical communities to follow
  • Content recommendations, result insights, etc.






Additional Information

  • System requirement:
    Squirro cloud instance, contact sales for the on-premise version
  • Other requirements:
    No additional requirements
  • Sizing & Fair Usage
    Trial use: max of 10 users; for each (1) user: 10GB index size, 100GB up/download limit / month
    Full rollout: Variable sizing available - contact sales
  • Documentation
  • Support:


Original: $20/user/month

Introductory Discount: $10/user/month

  • Prices apply after your 30-day free trial
  • Volume discounts available
  • Overage charges apply for data consumption above fair usage
  • All the above prices same in €/£/CHF






Why Cognitive Search?

Because finding the right information quickly is critical to the development of the knowledge economy.

Traditional keyword-based enterprise search is now obsolete, as it relies on the user knowing exactly what they are looking for and using the right keywords to find it.

Cognitive search is the next generation of enterprise search. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to return results that are more relevant to the user, boosting productivity and reducing costs.


A Year-Over-Year Reduction in Search Time of Up To 90%

Organizations keep records across multiple applications, including CRMs, intranets and KM systems. Squirro Cognitive Search allows them to search across multiple enterprise systems and provides an out-of-the-box 360° client cockpit.

Enhanced relevance supported by Squirro’s AI-driven cognitive search delivers vastly superior results, as well as providing recommendations to meet users’ intent.


Easy and Intuitive Dashboards

Easily turn your complex data sets into highly intuitive dashboards that can be utilized by your teams, customers, and other stakeholders in your Squirro app. Share access directly to your app or integrated it into your preferred systems for easy access anywhere.

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