Squirro Customer Insights

Insights for Advantageous Client Engagement

Enrich and enhance your existing CRM system to deliver true customer insights

Squirro Customer Insights platform integrates fully and seamlessly with any existing CRM system, unlocking the insight contained within unstructured and structured data to provide users with unparalleled customer insight and greatly enhance the ROI from CRM

Facing an on-going challenge to understand their customers better, enterprises all over the world are constantly looking for ways to get additional value and ROI from their CRM systems.

Yet most CRM systems work only with structured data. Given that the most relevant and insightful data is unstructured it means that enterprises are missing out on a majority of the actionable customer insight available to them.

That’s exactly the issue that Squirro Customer Insights addresses. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Squirro Customer Insights can enrich and unify any data type (structured or unstructured; internal or external) and index it for future CRM and client engagement use.

It is highly intuitive and highly scalable, meaning that as your business grows it can grow with it. Squirro Customer Insights integrates completely and seamlessly with any CRM platform, and is the most effective way of delivering maximum value from a CRM system – users report 3% revenue increases and 15% increases in customer satisfaction.

Here are just some of the ways in which Squirro Customer Insights is helping enterprises around the world:

1. Opportunity Generation

Amazon is one of the world’s best businesses at matching and mapping what consumers would want to buy from it. Squirro Customer Insights allows enterprises to do the same with their customers, identifying and mapping what that customer might want and matching that need with the right product or service.

Furthermore, users can search for new insights on competitors, partners, markets, individuals and much more, all of which deepens their knowledge and understanding of each customer and provides additional upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

2. Churn Reduction

Customer understanding can also be used to identify trending issues and anomalies around an individual client or group of customers. These can then be addressed before they become an issue and impact on churn. This also means that your prestige and VIP accounts are never overlooked and can be given the attention and service levels they expect.

3. CRM Data Unification

By unifying data from multiple CRM instances, Squirro provides a holistic view across all business lines. With all your organisation’s unstructured data now included in the CRM platform, there are no holes in the customer knowledge and users are empowered to do their role much more effectively. They are able to save substantially more time when searching for information on clients, freeing up their time to spend fostering client relationships.

4. Addressing multi-org environments

Having a truly 360-degree view of a customer, across all channels is a powerful asset for your organisation. Squirro unifies data from Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds and offers advanced search capabilities across the data.


No holistic customer view across the business

Struggling to get insight from unstructured data across the enterprise

Data is scattered across multiple CRM instances, in siloes, and not searchable

Missing out on upsell opportunities and concern about churn rate

Missing connection between data in Sales, Service and Marketing applications


Opportunity generation

Churn reduction

A complete 360-degree view of all customers

AI and Machine Learning-empowered CRM to access and unlock unstructured data

Unify customer data across Multi-Org environments, CRM platforms and other enterprise systems

Full records of all customer interactions


Deeper customer insight and customer knowledge

Improved customer engagement through single customer view

Greater return from overall CRM investment

Substantially more client management time

Additional upsell opportunities, reduced churn

Increased data ROI by better leverage of all customer information


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