Customer Insights

Insights for Advantageous Client Engagement

Real-World Spotlight: Investec

Turning Data into a Competitive Advantage for Asset Managers

Information alone is not enough – real value lies in how well a team can use all their information to better serve their clients. Squirro helped Investec Asset Management transform a data-rich environment that they struggled to use efficiently. Now highly relevant data comes to them in the form of timely, actionable insights – directly into their Salesforce application.

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Information about my customer is distributed, incomplete or inaccessible

I spend more time researching customers than engaging with them

I’m missing out on valuable selling or marketing opportunities

Customer Insights Solutions Graphic


I know which customers to contact today

I know which events are impacting their interests

I know what solutions to recommend

Equip your Team with Knowledge
and Efficiency

Create real-time client engagement insights

Identify new opportunities based on competitor analysis

Leverage existing resources like CRM systems and premium data

Reduce search and research time

Define catalyst events and concepts for 100% relevance

Send your Data to Work


Use any data – machine or human-generated

Enrich it; relate it

Define unique concepts


Apply AI insights

Detect seasonal trends

Identify anomalies


Create automated responses

Open API

Deliver real-time insights into your CRM