Knowledge Management Solution

Increase your productivity, uncover siloed data
and find SMEs within your organization.

Knowledge Management Solution

>Increase your productivity, uncover siloed data
and find SMEs within your organization.

Streamline the Information Flow Within Your Company

Countless hours are spent searching for content, performing research and finding the right subject matter experts (SMEs) within your organization This is all due to a lack of an intelligent search solution.

Squirro Knowledge Management is an easy-to-use solution, gathering and understanding all your data to deliver the insights you need to make smart and informed decisions.

Our robust data loading pipeline can ingest all of your data and deliver an intelligent search in one location. Thanks to advanced text classification and natural language techniques, this solution understands your intent and provides advanced search capabilities and tailored recommendations.


Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise

Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise: How to Tame the Stochastic Parrot, Squirro’s e-book that shows the solutions to implementing generative AI for enterprise, is now available!


Data Driven Companies

Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence solutions are used by companies all over the world to get more value from their data

Very good team from all levels”

Source: Manufacturing, firm size 10B - 30B USD.

An excellent tool to provide AI-driven insights"

Source: Manufacturing, firm size 50-250B USD.

Knowledge Management Solution


AI-Powered Recommendations

Squirro Knowledge Management analyzes your search history and learns your preferences over time. Thanks to advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, our solution continuously provides you with recommendations tailored to your intent and needs


Custom Communities

Squirro creates communities based on your internal classifications and taxonomies. Communities let users subscribe and browse content they are interested in.


Advanced Typeahead Function and Search

Squirro analyzes each document through our natural language processing (NLP) pipeline and extracts relevant insights. We automatically recommend searches as the user starts typing based on our feature extraction. Squirro also supports advanced search with a simple user interface.


Customers love Squirro for its simplicity and scalability

Squirro users have access to do-it-yourself unstructured data analytics and can create shareable dashboards on the go, using the easy and intuitive user interface.

Squirro is built with Elasticsearch, the world’s leading open source search and analytics solution, allowing organizations to leverage their existing investments into the best open-source, full-text search engine.


Improved Knowledge Management


  • Relevant search results
  • Personalized and peer-based content recommendations
  • Complex document classification
  • Expert network
  • Central data repository


  • Improve search efficiency
  • Identify subject matter experts within your organization
  • Increase productivity
  • Share knowledge
  • Reduce research time



Resources about Knowledge Management

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