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Artificial Intelligence and its role in Financial Services Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence and its role in Financial Services Digital Transformation

Taking an AI-First Approach

As the digital world continues to shape and consume the physical world, the scope of digital transformation within businesses keeps expanding. We are in an era of unprecedented opportunity, and much of the growth we experience over the next decade will be driven by artificial intelligence. In fact, PwC predicts that AI will add $15.7 trillion to global GDP annually by the year 2030.

There has been an explosion in data over the past decade and FS providers have access to more data than they know what to do with. However, a major issue has been that the most insightful data in FS is unstructured. Most CRM systems cannot manage unstructured data, which means that all of that insight is going to waste.

What if we can enhance our knowledge workers to enable them to utilize all of the data, all of the time? By recognizing context, relevancy, intent and interest, what is delivered are vastly superior search results. Instead of the user looking for the most relevant information, it comes to them automatically through a cognitive understanding of their interests and matching this with the data available.

Augmented Intelligence is an evolution from Artificial Intelligence, that enhances human input and intelligence to create something infinitely more powerful. Augmented Intelligence is essentially helping people do their jobs better and about augmenting human creativity and potential on a massive scale.

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