Take control of complex organisational data with Cognitive Search

Increase data management efficiency with this AI-powered enterprise search solution, connecting all data sources and delivering actionable insights for enhanced decision-making

Take control of complex organisational data with Cognitive Search

With the growing scale and complexity of enterprise data, it is key to success to find the right solution to take control of this organizational data, improve data management efficiency and streamline the information flow for improved knowledge management across the company.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are replacing obsolete enterprise search systems with powerful capabilities to analyze unstructured data and enable users to make better and more efficient use of information.

Squirro Cognitive Search is an AI enterprise search solution, gathering data from internal and external sources, and delivering the insights the user needs to make smart and informed decisions.

Thanks to a handful of data connectors, and with just one click, Cognitive Search provides an AI-powered enterprise search for Salesforce, SharePoint, and many other enterprise data sources.

World-leading institutions, such as the Bank of England, are already benefiting from Cognitive Search to reduce search time by up to 90% and significantly increase their efficiency in data management.

Watch this demo video to learn from Peter Brejza, Solution Engineer at Squirro and a key contributor to Cognitive Search for the Bank of England, the main advantages of this solution.

See in action highlighted features, such as data-loader plugins to index documents from internal and external data sources, or pdf table extraction, a powerful tool for an easy-and-fast usage of tabulated data from pdf documents.

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