Squirro Marketing Insights

Improve your position in your market
with AI-driven Marketing Insights

Squirro Marketing Insights is a suite of marketing applications that deploys AI to allow marketers to develop a crystal clear understanding of their target markets.

The suite deploys specialized machine learning to analyze, summarize, and contextualize the vast amounts of relevant data. It then displays the findings in a format that allows you to execute a more strategic and successful marketing strategy.

Focusing on key areas of the marketing strategy, Squirro’s Marketing Insights solutions give the marketing team a clearer and more accurate picture of what’s most important while helping to improve the content development and distribution process.

With the continuous growth of data, both internal and external to the organization, marketing departments are experiencing difficulties in utilizing it all. Factoring in the volume and complexity of processing unstructured data, non-numeric data from which insight can be gathered, it becomes obvious that there are incredible opportunities that are being missed.


Equip your teams with the real-time market intelligence they need to truly understand the markets and industries in which they are active.


Obtain the most important details, good and bad, about your competition, allowing you to continuously improve your marketing programs and results.


Capture Your Brand’s Positioning from the Perspective of Your Customers, Analysts, News Reports, and More


Continuously monitor and analyze your customers’ opinions across websites, news feeds, analyst reports, and more.


Automated contextual research that you need to develop content that your audience will find most valuable and a delivery platform to maximize access.

Learn how Squirro’s Insights Engine Powers Marketing Insights


A complete 360º client cockpit for a unified view of all accounts

AI and Machine Learning to unlock insights within unstructured data

Insights delivered within existing CRM systems

Real-time monitoring of the most relevant information


Deeper customer insights, a more intimate knowledge of your markets

Proactive and more effective lead generation

Improved messaging and positioning relative to customer needs

Increased customer engagement earlier in the marketing journey

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