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DIA Munich – Digital Insurance Agenda

We Simplify Data Discovery.

The Squirro insights technology is changing the way insurances understand and act on their data by using self-learning cognitive algorithms to remove the blind spots in key areas of operations, including customer service, ITSM and risk management. Ingesting and analyzing data from different sources – structured and unstructured, internal and external – the solution uncovers non-obvious connections, identifies anomalies and illuminates emerging trends that a human workforce may never see.

Squirro Customer Insights gives actionable insights tailored to each unique customer, delivered right into your CRM system. Significantly improving the risk selection in the underwriting of engineering, large and special risks.

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Ai-powered decision making:

  • Drive value from unstructured data
  • Anticipate trends with machine learning
  • Analyse external data (news) with contextual search
  • Get an omni-channel view for every client, across all data sources
  • Access most relevant information quickly and free up time
  • Integrate seamlessly into Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft and platforms

We’ll work with you to ensure Squirro delivers on the insights your particular business needs so your teams and business gain immediate value – our Customer Insights users are reporting 3% revenue increases and 15% increases in customer satisfaction. Can’t make it to DIA Munich?REQUEST DEMO

About DIA Munich

DIA Munich

Meet the Experts in Cognitive Data Insights at DIA Munich

Fast Facts:

  • 15 – 16th November 2017
  • Eisbach Studios Munich, Germany
    Grasbrunner Straße 20, 81677 München
  • Book a 1:1 meeting now

Steven Grinberg
Post By Steven Grinberg July 24, 2020

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