Squirro and EasiShare Join Forces to Revolutionize Enterprise Search and Productivity

August 11, 2023

The digital transformation era has witnessed an exponential surge in data, creating challenges for organizations to search and retrieve relevant information efficiently. In response, Squirro, a leading augmented intelligence software provider, and EasiShare, an innovative enterprise file security platform, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to reshape how organizations access and utilize their data by introducing semantic in-document search and ChatGPT-like conversational features, resulting in more accurate and contextualized search results.

"Through this strategic partnership with Squirro, our Enterprise File Security platform, EasiShare, will be enhanced with semantic in-document search and conversational options, empowering customers with even more accurate information retrieval." said Sharon Teo, CEO of Inspire-Tech, the parent company of EasiShare.“

EasiShare has long been a preferred Enterprise File Security platform, enabling organizations to store and share files securely. However, as digital content grows exponentially, employees often face challenges when searching for specific information buried within vast document repositories. Traditional search methods relying on file names prove inefficient, especially with vague or outdated titles. This ultimately hampers productivity and value generation, as employees have to open each document individually.

Recognizing the potential of AI-powered search solutions, Squirro and EasiShare's collaboration brings a cutting-edge approach to enterprise search. The Squirro Insight Engine, leveraging the power of AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP), understands the intent behind user searches and delivers the most relevant results with lightning speed. This revolutionary technology allows users to perform semantic searches and view content within documents before opening them for editing. With the added functionality of ChatGPT-like generative AI capabilities, searching has become even more intuitive.

"When I met Max (Max Chan, Regional Sales Director at EasiShare) for the first time and heard about his clients' challenges to search for information within EasiShare, I knew right away that Squirro could solve this search problem," shared Moritz Mueller, General Manager Asia at Squirro.

"Within four weeks, we had the first fully-integrated prototype up and running, and now we are incorporating further feature requests from the clients we demo our solution to. We are truly excited to bring this live now with the first clients! Together we are set to change how our clients access and utilize their data by delivering more relevant and contextualized search results."

The benefits of this strategic partnership are:

  • Experience up to 90% reduction in search time, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve search results considering user intent and context thanks to semantic search capabilities
  • Reduce operational costs due to enhanced information retrieval.
  • Accelerate knowledge management and collaboration within organizations.
  • Utilize advanced controls for managing and segmenting mission-critical content and files.
  • Enable generative AI features for richer user experiences, providing evidence from within data sources.

The collaboration also presents multiple deployment options, allowing organizations to integrate the solution on-premise or through SaaS.

EasiShare's commitment to providing comprehensive controls ensures the security and governance of user activities, with granular permissions to safeguard sensitive files and information.

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