Squirro Included in a Series of Reports by Independent Analyst Looking At Using AI for B2B Revenue Growth

agosto 8, 2019

Zurich – 08 August, 2019 – Squirro, a leading provider of Real-Time Augmented Intelligence solutions, today announced that it has been included in two of Forrester’s series of three “B2B Insights Deep Dive” reports, dated 08 August, 2019, by Allison Snow and Emily Miller1. Squirro believes that the reports provide a summary of the technology categories that exist in the market to help enterprises become insights-driven businesses. In Squirro’s view, they look at the business value that these market categories offer and the best technology investment strategies available to meet these objectives.

According to one of the reports in the series; “To influence individuals, it’s critical to first understand them. Only with that understanding can B2B pros design relevant and valuable content and experiences. This type of deeper understanding to support leveling up messaging requires B2B pros to use advanced analytics technologies and AI techniques…Before B2B insights leaders can effectively demonstrate empathy for their customers, they must develop capabilities to listen. The ability to detect and interpret a customer’s digital language gives B2B pros a more robust understanding of a buyer’s intent, needs, and all-around context. AI tech can help B2B pros focus on hearing customers — in the channels via which they choose to express themselves — by analyzing structured and unstructured data and augmenting the human ability to detect signals in real-time and at scale.”2

Dorian Selz, CEO and Co-founder of Squirro, said; “Gaining insights into customers is critical to sales success. In B2B this has often focused on the company that is buying the product or service. In my view, these Forrester reports show that, as in B2C, B2B sales and marketing professionals need AI to better understand their individual customers, their profiles, preferences and emotional choices in order to sell to them more effectively, and increase their business opportunities and revenue growth.”

More information about the Forrester reports can be found here: