Squirro Included in Independent Analyst Report on AI-Based Text Analytics Platforms

February 3, 2020

Zurich – 3 February, 2020 – Squirro, a leading provider of customer insight and cognitive search solutions, today announced that it has been included in Forrester’s ‘Now Tech: AI-Based Text Analytics Platforms, Q1 2020’ report dated 3 February, 2020, by Boris Evelson. The report provides a summary of AI-based text analytics platforms available in the market to help businesses understand the best approach to using these solutions, how they can bring benefits, and which solutions and approaches could be the best for them.

According to the report; “In the age of the customer, insights-driven enterprises compete on comprehensive and timely insights about customer behaviors, tastes, preferences, and allegiances. Customer insights, however, are not complete without using text analytics to leverage all the unstructured data available to enterprise decision-makers, such as from voice-of-the-customer (VoC) communications, emails, or social media. And it’s not just customer insights — all enterprise processes, including governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and supply chain, rely not only on structured transactional data but on petabytes of unstructured and semistructured data stored in documents, reports, and websites.”

Dorian Selz, CEO and Co-founder of Squirro, said; “Given the amount of data that businesses need to analyze and interpret, the need for AI-based text analytics platforms has never been higher. Our customers often struggle with how to effectively capture the key insights from their vast amounts of textual data, such as documents and forms. Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence solutions help address this challenge and provide better customer service, sales, and retention.”

More information about the Forrester report can be found here.