Squirro Launches Allocators Insights App to Improve Investment Decision-Making for Asset Managers

November 8, 2022

Out of the Box app provides actionable insight from market-moving CIO statements and other macro and micro market trends across asset classes.

Zürich, November 9th, 2022. Squirro, the Augmented Intelligence solutions provider, has launched a new app – Allocators Insights – that directly delivers the latest allocation strategy information to users, such as asset, fund, wealth, portfolio, and investment managers.

Allocators Insights is a ready-to-use solution from Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary Squirro’s ‘Out of the Box’ range. It provides the deeper insight into market trends and fluctuations that’s so essential when making investment decisions, particularly Chief Investment Officer (CIO) statements.

CIO statements are rich in insight into an organization’s investment strategy and management changes. They can substantially impact the markets but take the form of unstructured data, making them difficult to manage and work with.

Staying aware of CIO statements and other macro and micro trends in asset allocation is crucial, but doing so has been a manual and time-consuming process. Allocators Insights provides this information automatically, and users can be up and running with it within minutes.

“Anyone working in asset, wealth, or portfolio management needs to be on top of the latest trends and shifts in the market – this includes what CIOs publish about their future investment strategies," said Patrice Neff, Co-Founder, Squirro. "Traditionally, this information has been captured manually, which is time-consuming and ineffective. Allocators Insights brings the power of automation to investment advisory, saving time and delivering deeper insight to improve investment decision-making."

The Allocators Insights app is based on the Squirro Insight Engine. This improves access to information by connecting all data sources and applying natural language processing and machine learning to deliver the right information to users at the right time.

Users choose the allocators they wish to monitor, and the Allocators Insights App provides actionable insight based on CIO strategy changes and macro trends across regions and asset classes. This automatic tracking is presented via easy and intuitive dashboards, helping to improve investment strategy and giving back hundreds of hours previously spent on manual research.

“Sourcing, gathering, and aggregating the statements of the most relevant CIOs is one of the most time-consuming and thankless tasks in finance,” continued Patrice Neff, Squirro. “This is rarely as effective as it should be and means users cannot focus on more high-value activities. The Allocators Insights app is a game-changer, providing deep insight into CIO strategies and macro trends and allowing investment professionals to stay informed in a volatile market.”

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