Supercharge Your CRM with AI

Get actionable insights to boost
customer engagement and
pipeline generation

Supercharge Your CRM with AI

>Get actionable insights to boost
customer engagement and
pipeline generation

Why Squirro for Salesforce is a must-have solution for business

In a customer-first world, getting access to your clients' available information is the key to success. However, this is not easy as you need to find this "hidden" information in multiple documents and sources: contracts, customer feedback data, articles, reports, call notes, news…

Squirro makes your Salesforce act as the single hub to access all this data, helps you find the info you need very fast, and equips your frontline staff with actionable insights and recommendations.

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A System Of Insights

Key Benefits of Salesforce + Squirro


improved customer acquisition
Source: McKinsey


increase in sales growth
Source: McKinsey


reduction of customer churn
Source: McKinsey


Squirro for Salesforce

The challenges

  • Need more pipeline?
  • Want to equip your frontline with actionable insights?
  • Looking for more talking points?
  • Need more engagement ideas?
  • Is your CRM system underused?




  • Squirro for Salesforce: AI and machine learning-powered search
  • Gathering information from internal and external data sources
  • Understanding the user’s intent
  • Delivering actionable insights and recommendations
  • Equipped with intuitive dashboards, fully embedded into your Salesforce account

The key outcomes

  • 23x improved customer acquisition
  • CRM: system of insights
  • Proactive customer engagement
  • Value-added customer conversations
  • Increased adoption rates