Using Augmented Intelligence in Manufacturing

Learn How Henkel Uses Squirro to Leverage Data and Boost Productivity

Using Augmented Intelligence in Manufacturing

>Learn How Henkel Uses Squirro to Leverage Data and Boost Productivity

Improvements for Manufacturing

At Squirro, we maintain strong relationships with our customers and pride ourselves on their success. Here, we summarize the success of one such customer, Henkel, an international chemical and consumer goods manufacturer.


Henkel held terabytes of insights stored in PPT/PDF/XLS formats but could not quickly generate the comprehensive snapshots that help users discover knowledge and identify the experts to contact for help.


Tom is a Product Engineer specializing in consumer adhesives. He oversees the development of certain types of glue and monitors competitors. Every day, Tom tracks information from 18 different sources, such as the US & EU patent databases, academic libraries for the latest adhesive research, news, and SharePoint. He used to spend roughly 3 hours per day searching through the scattered information.


Integrating structured and unstructured data from internal docs and external patent office data, Squirro ensures that vast amounts of data points from any source are easily accessible to all stakeholders across the organization.

Using our platform, Tom can easily segment vast amounts of documents, and in just a few clicks, arrive at the right data point about products, the underlying technologies and insights about the authors of papers, competitors, and all entities across the company’s supply chain.

Squirro can help you do more with your data to drive success. Use the form on this page to start your journey.

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