Squirro Sales Insights

Engage the potential of AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver true sales insights

Connect the dots

Detect new opportunities, develop an intimate understanding of customers, partners and markets, spot trends and back your sales team with next best actions. Squirro delivers these insights in real time, automatically, in pre-trained, enterprise-ready applications.​


Relevant KPIs to take into account:

(175T GB) predicted
to be the world’s total amount of data.
Source: IDC

Percentage of data
goes unused by businesses for analytics.
Source: Forrester

Firms investing >$50M
in Big Data & AI initiatives
Source: New Vantage Partners

Our Customers

Data-driven companies leveraging Sales Insights

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Searching using the combination of associated structure data (enabled by good 'suggest functionality') and free text search allows you to drill down quickly and effectively to your targeted data set.”

Source: Financial Services Firm, $50M - $250M.

What we like most about the product is the overall design of the dashboard and user interfacing ability.”

Source: Manufacturing Firm, $10B - $30B.


Augmented Intelligence for Sales

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AI has become an integral part of how business is done today. Your customers have more choice than ever before and they need to be delighted and amazed. The key to this is all in the data, but the most insightful and actionable data is unstructured - call reports, social media, meeting transcripts, customer request, contracts and more.

Squirro solves this by turning such undervalued data into actionable insights, offering AI-driven capabilities to extract insights out of unstructured data. Squirro Sales Insights provide you with actionable insight based on all data, delivering new opportunities, next best actions and a full 360° client cockpit.


Squirro Sales Insights


Lead sourcing

Go for a proactive lead generation approach: ‘hunting’ and not merely ‘farming’ leads. Generate more qualified opportunities and react to market-moving events faster.

Boost lead generation and deal origination with the Squirro Sales Insights solution.


Reduce Customer Churn

With Artificial Intelligence, you can understand customers more comprehensively. Squirro Sales Insights identifies trending issues and anomalies so you can identify customer issues early, recognize cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, boost top-line revenues and reduce customer churn.


360º Client Cockpit

A true 360° view of the customer is a powerful asset for any organization. Squirro Sales Insights provides a full perspective for every client, generated from any data source. This results in a significant increase in conversion rates and consistent business-driving pipelines.

Boost client satisfaction and react fastest to client and market events.


Integrate within existing workflows

Research reveals that many users want AI-driven recommendations delivered to them via email and 83% want them within their CRM system.

This is why Squirro created Sales Insights to be easily set up and seamlessly integrated with third-party systems and CRMs.


Impact on You and Your Customers


  • A complete 360º client cockpit for a unified view of all customers
  • AI and Machine Learning to unlock insights within unstructured data
  • Insights delivered within existing workflows and workbench & CRM systems
  • Full records of all customer interaction and engagement


  • Deeper customer insights, a more intimate knowledge of your markets
  • Pro-active and more effective lead generation
  • Additional upsell opportunities, reduced churn
  • First mover advantage when approaching clients
  • 3% revenue increases and 15% increases in customer satisfaction


  • More accurate sales efforts, more empowered workforce
  • Boost in productivity
  • Reduced operational costs
  • AI-driven insights & recommendations for your business challenges

Resources for Data-Driven Sales

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