Applied Data Science for Business Leaders

Condensed Executive Masterclasses in AI & Machine Learning Utilization

Presentations: Tuesday, October 5th — Wednesday, October 6th

Masterclasses: Wednesday, October 6th — Friday, October 8th

Why Attend

Fast-Track Your Understanding of AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) is perhaps the most debated and contentious subject today in the business world. While early adopters endeavor to persuade everybody that AI and the connected advances would shape the future, more traditionalist CEOs and CTOs don't make such rushed decisions about the potential dangers and dividends present with this technology.

AI innovation provides numerous advantages to the business community. Accurate forecasts, automation, personalization, and predictive maintenance are just several of them, which are the most fundamental for organizations. In any case, the critical point is that ML clears a path for many new business opportunities. So it's a wise choice for any company to exploit this technology instead of disregarding it and falling behind the contenders.

At the AI Week 2021 Executive Masterclasses, you'll learn about best-in-class strategies and guidelines from business and IT leaders related to the implementation of AI and ML for the business. Participate in interactive workshops to gain skills in identifying opportunities for data science across your business, and learn about the tools to prioritize and successfully execute on those opportunities.

Who It's For

The Executive Masterclasses are for business & IT team leaders, who want to improve their workflow outputs, decision intelligence, and customer success. If you're ready to turn your Customer Relationship Management system into a system of insight; if you need to reduce research by up to 90%; if you have to increase conversion rates or minimize the time it takes to resolve issues, then you should apply for an AI Week 2021 Executive Masterclass today.

The Sessions

The masterclasses take place online and are available across three time zones, APAC, Europe, and North America. Within each timezone, we offer two types of sessions, one for Business and the other for IT.

These classes have limited availability and access will be based on the information provided via the form on this page.


This session provides a thorough understanding of AI, machine learning, and unstructured data with a guided demonstration aligned with business challenges.

Information Technology

The IT session takes you through all the steps of setting up a machine learning solution with a hands-on, no-code approach to data preparation, model creation, and dashboard configuration.



Condensed Executive Masterclass

Wednesday, October 6th — Friday, October 8th

The Masterclass

Designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of what you can achieve with machine learning and unstructured data.

Session Outline

  • Introduction of Speakers and Session
  • Business Case Workshop
  • Solution Workshop
  • Success Case Overview
  • Ongoing Support Options

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