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A Cognitive Insights Engine that helps companies turn meaningless data into actionable insights
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Customer Insights

Event-driven relationship management

 Create a complete, centralized view of your customer based on all your data sources

 Automate your digital research to spend more time engaging customers with relevant opportunities

 Know who to call, when, about which opportunity, and what to recommend

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Service Insights

Insights-driven IT operations

Create data-driven insights to rapidly resolve ITSM issues

Predict trends and identify anomalies for capacity planning and efficient resource management

Reduce downtime and adopt a proactive, data-driven approach for your team

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Cognitive Search Graphic

Cognitive Search

Contextual search across data silos

Run fast, context-driven search across all data sources & silos

Create full client & line of business exposure views

Detect interaction patterns and resolve misallocated leads

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“Insights-driven businesses are built and operate differently. They create a closed-loop insights process to optimize every customer engagement and every facet of their business. They marry algorithms and expertise to continuously improve outcomes. These firms teach valuable lessons in culture, process, talent, teams, and technology.”


The Insights-Driven Business, July 2016

Find out for yourself in our latest Best Practice Guide, “How to Prepare for the Insights Economy”.


You’ll learn more about:

• The Evolution of Analytics
• Demystifying the World of Insights
• Checklisting your Data Insights Requirements
• Real-World Examples of Best Practice

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