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Financial Services Technology Summit

AI-powered Financial Service Insights

Squirro is delighted to be presenting it’s advanced context intelligent insights solution at the NG Financial Services Technology Summit in Scotland.

Powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence techniques built around the company’s core USPs of Concept Detection, Auto-Discovery, and Anomaly & Trend Detection, Squirro’s cognitive insights engine turns meaningless data into meaningful actionable insights.

Summit Themes

  • Digital transformation, and how to compete tomorrow
  • Regulation and security
  • Customer-centricity on a mobile and omnichannel world

Squirro Insights Benefits:

1. Create a client-centric view
2. Anticipate customer needs
3. Drive new value and revenue

Create a Client-Centric View

  • Create an omni-channel view for each client across ALL data sources including call notes, reports, email, social media and more
  • Monitor for key events that could impact your customer or their experience
  • Ensure VIP accounts are never overlooked
  • Target the right offering to the right client at the right time formaximum relevance and value

Anticipate Customer Needs

  • Identify trending issues and anomalies around an individual client or group of customers
  • Pinpoint issues that could impact customer experience before they escalate
  • Align internal resources to seasonal peaks or troughs in

Drive New Value

  • Identify and advise clients on breaking opportunities or challenges
  • Save substantial time with an omni-search of all relevant and related data for new insights on competitors, partners, markets, individuals, organizations, fast-moving current events and activities
  • Foster lasting customer loyalty with deeper and more meaningful engagement that meets them at exactly the right point on their journeyGenerate interactive live dashboards for real-time awareness and anticipatory planning

Squirro @ the NG Summit

Fast Facts:
NG Financial Services Technology Summit

  • Venue: Royal Turnberry Hotel, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Date: 13 – 15th November, 2017

Steven Grinberg
Post By Steven Grinberg July 24, 2020

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