Regain control over your inbox with Squirro for Exchange!

July 8, 2014


Is your inbox just another data source or are you using the dominant digital communication channel as a source of information and unexpected insights? Are there hundreds if not thousands of inboxes to monitor and search?

Squirro is here to solve your troubles by analysing Exchange content.

Squirro not only lets you analyse the structured data such as sender and date, but also keywords used within the email. With powerful concept search and timeline segmentation, Squirro let’s you sift through your mail like never before.

Visualize specific relations with the chord chart and get the whole thread instantaneously.


Gain unexpected insights from your email communication by integrating it back into your existing enterprise applications such as your CRM or ERP system. A leading private bank in Switzerland is using such an integration to gain insights into identifying up- or cross-sell opportunities for existing customers. With concept search and the integration of email as a source of information into their CRM system such insights become a reality.

Key highlights of linking Squirro with Exchange

• Use keywords and refine the results with the timeline and filters

• Concept search brings it to the next level

• Dashboards let you visualize and trend topics and sentiment in your emails

• Integrate email analysis results back into your existing enterprise applications

Connecting your Exchange server to Squirro is done using Exchange Web Services. This enables Squirro to analyse both online versions of Exchange as well as installations which are deployed on-premise.

Watch the video: Squirro for Exchange smarter email search and sign up for the beta version of the application.