May 1, 2016

Velocity – The faster data is analyzed, the bigger the benefits
Yesterday’s news are yesterday’s news. The same applies for data.

Variety – Use a variety of data for your analytics
Diversity provides more complete and a more accurate insights.

Volume – Bigger is better; not always
Most ‘Big Data’ projects have data sets the size of a hard disk.

Verity – The truth is rarely pure and never simple
Different sources, different ‘truths’. Analytics is neither a straight line nor easy.

Data as an Asset – Take care of your data
Data will be used in many more ways than initially anticipated.

Business impact – Big Data is not a ‚Stand-Alone‘ project
Successful Big Data projects solve a business critical issues.

Transformational – Big Data transforms every business as much as the Internet did
Organizations not gearing up for the challenge will be challenged – for good.