Drive Decisions with Data – Cognitive Use Cases

July 4, 2017

Only 8% of businesses make more than 50% of their decisions based on data4. Yet all businesses create vast amounts of data. Why do businesses of all sizes make so little use of data?

At a recent Swiss Cognitive event a group of executives met to discuss this challenge and chart a path forward. Applying agile methods, the workshop groups identified in a first step AI driven use-cases.

These use cases affect any part of a company like the following figure shows. From market information to customer facing use cases to back of the company operational cases the group identified areas of application for AI technologies.

In a final step these use cases were assessed on a value versus priority matrix.

  • Dimension 1 – Value
    Impact and value generated by deploying AI in this specific use case
  • Dimension 2 – Priority
    What implementation priority should the use case take compared with the other use cases

A first view at the categorisation (Download the white paper to get the value priority matrix in full):

The workshop provided a concise view on how to apply AI technologies in the enterprise. Building on the fact that 95% of data is never used beyond primary use, the workshop looked at ways on how to improve this miserable ratio. The workshop delivered a clear roadmap on implementing AI technologies in the enterprise.

Download the following white paper to learn more on each use case and the overall value – priority assessment (pdf 900kb, free of charge).