We have been watching the coronavirus situation unfold over the past weeks and months with a mixture of shock and disbelief. We are clearly living through anxious and uncertain times and no-one can claim to have all the answers. Everyone is looking to keep their employees healthy and ensure that the organization can keep delivering to customers, but achieving that is no small undertaking.

Working healthily and safely, and keeping the service levels

Health is the number one priority. Squirro is a global business with offices, partners and customers all over the world. Our entire team is set up to work healthy and safely from home, following the recommendations of the authorities.

On the business side, there is no impact on our service levels and we continue with our operations normally. We are also at your disposal on the usual contact channels.

Leveraging Customer Insights to turn this challenge into an opportunity

The global economy looks vastly different today compared to how it did last week, and it will undoubtedly change dramatically again over the coming days. The stock markets are fluctuating all the time, supply chains have been disrupted, and international travel has virtually ground to a halt.

We know that you are facing challenges on a daily basis – how can the organization function effectively if everyone is working remotely? How can you continue to drive business if your lead generation and sales pipeline are reliant on face-to-face interaction? What will the long-term impact of coronavirus be on your business and its future prospects?

In a crisis environment, being aware of the risks and having highly valuable information is key to turn a challenging situation into new opportunities. That’s why we believe it has never been so important to utilize the data that you hold and the external data you can access to better understand what your customers are going through during this current period. Insight is a powerful tool to have at your disposal and one that will be especially valuable during the upcoming months.

Squirro Customer Insights

One of our main solutions is Squirro Customer Insights. Based on our industry-renowned augmented intelligence platform, it works with unstructured data – which comprises a massive majority of all enterprise data – to unearth new opportunities and prospects, identify market trends, and deliver to its users a deep understanding of customers, partners, and markets.

It does so in real-time, and the actionable insight that it discovers is delivered to users in the format that best suits their needs, via the CRM, email, or something else. It is available in a wide variety of different applications, all designed to suit the specific and tailored needs of organizations in certain industries.

It comes with Squirro’s 360º Client Advisor Dashboard too, which means all the details, data, and insight relating to a specific client is held in one place. This allows users to deliver an even better customer experience, with immediate access to opportunities that emerge in real-time, filtered out all the surrounding noise.

Staying Safe, Keeping Momentum

It goes without saying that human safety is the main priority, but businesses do need to be mindful of their good health as well, maintaining momentum for when the crisis has abated. We are set for challenging times ahead, but with a little thought and proactivity, these can be navigated and we can all emerge stronger.

With that said, we must continue to move forward as life and business will go on – and for now, as we work from home, much of our actions will take place online. If you agree that being fully aware of all the risks and potential opportunities are crucial and we must progress through online channels, then we would be very happy to have you join these upcoming webinars. Click on each to learn more and register.

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