Squirro Listed as One of the Best Salesforce Apps on Cybernews

October 13, 2022

Data is the most precious business resource on the planet, but 99% of data collected is never utilized. Therefore, we created Squirro – a solution that augments Salesforce with AI-driven insights for client interactions, deal development, competition monitoring, and customer support.

Squirro produces signals about potential transactions, meeting preparations, and market intelligence by gathering textual data from any source.

By combining natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) with Salesforce's offering, we can provide a solution that uses unstructured data from Salesforce and any other data silo, including news/analyst reports.

A cybersecurity-based resource Cybernews recently took note of our commitment and included us in their latest list of the best Salesforce apps.

The Cybernews team concentrates on the most critical aspects of the Internet while offering its followers insights on top software choices, functional evaluations of various services, and even discount coupons for VPN services.

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