2012 Tech M&A review

February 14, 2013

by Cesare Allavena

2012 has been one fascinating year regarding tech deals.

On the IPO front the introduction of Facebook has been the biggest story, but other companies like travel portal Kayak or Splunk, the enterprise data software company also listed on the NASDAQ and while their initial valuation was certainly lower than Facebook’s, their share prices have been a bit more stable.

On the M&A front things have been moving too, with a particular focus on megatrends such as cloud/Saas, Big Data analytics, e-payments, mobility,…

Ernst and Young just released their report on technology M&A deals for Q4 2012 and while the YoY numbers are down from 2011 (M&A value declined by 35%) Q4 2012 has shown signs of improvements (with a decline of 4%).

Some of the most significant M&A deals in tech in 2012 included:

Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility for a reported $ 12.9 billion

SAP buys Ariba for 4.3 billion

Microsoft buying Yammer for $1.2 billion

Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua for $871 million

ExactTarget’s acquisition of Pardot for $91 million

Other important software and IT Services deals:

Thomson Reuters, Portia Investment Platform bought by SS&C Technologies Holding for $170 million

Juniper Networks acquisition of Mykonos Software (SaaS email and collaboration service) for $80 million

Verisk Analytics acquisition of MediConnect Global, which provides medical record retrieval and analysis for $348.6 million

Of course there were many more deals that happened in tech in 2012.  In fact the total volume of deals for the year are estimated at over $114 billion.

Squirro can help you track the deals that matter to you in two simple steps.

Step 1:

Include all specific sources that are relevant for you.  Squirro will scout the open web for information but you can also connect it to closed information services that are relevant to you.

Step 2:

Filter the news for key phrases that matter such as IPO, M&A, Acquisition, …

To set up the filter, just go to the filter tab and include or exclude and term you chose.

In the following example we choose to look at information for Oracle as a whole and then filter it for the term acquisition.

Without filter:


The first three results are:

– Learn More about Social, Mobile, Cloud in White Paper

– A Demonstration of File Relabeling

– Bratislava: Learn about ADF/WebCenter Spaces 11g & BPM Suite 11g Integration from Expert Andrejus Baranovskis

With filter on acquisition:image

As you can see the results are drastically different.

Here the first three results are:

– Standards Corner: Is OAuth the End of SAML? Or a New Opportunity?

– Oracle Mergers and Acquisitions: Dataranker

– Oracle Mergers and Acquisitions: Instantis

While in both cases the results are delivered in real time and the news provided are recently updated, in the unfiltered stream the information is of a general nature.

In the second screen shot where the filter “acquisition” is set, we can clearly see that all news delivered is focused on this topic of interest.

Once the set up is done you never have to touch it again, just let Squirro deliver you the intelligence you need, in real time and always up-to-date, it is that simple.