Cracking the Code of Social Selling

November 21, 2013

Mari Anne Vanella of The Vanella Group spoke on November 18th at Dreamforce 13 on Social Selling.

In her talk Mari Anne emphasises the need for Sellers to catch up and meet the Buyers at the right information stage.

As we know Buyers today rely less and less on reps for product information as they can find nearly everything on you and your competitors online.

It is therefore extremely important for Sellers to use Social Media resources to get to know their prospect better and to position themselves as experts in their field in order to engage the Buyer.

Mari Anne suggest three simple steps that every Seller enact immediately in order to kick start their Social Selling:

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile presents an expert in your field
  2. Research your prospects before meetings
  3. Learn how to interpret the information you discover into actionable discussion and discovery points

You can view here Mari Anne’s complete talk: