Ideas worth sharing are ideas worth analysing. The phenomenon that is TED is evidence enough that our data-driven world is responding to a basic human need for more knowledge and insight. More data, more knowledge, more ways to access it all – but without the right tools, how can we gain more meaning and value from all these ideas?

We’ve taken countless hours of TED Talk audio and made it entirely searchable through Squirro’s native dashboard. You don’t have to sit through hours of videos to discover the select gems of insight that resonate with you. You can simply search for them and go direct to that point of relevance in the footage. It’s like a fast-forward button that takes you to exactly the part you’re interested in, regardless of the TED talk topic.

With each new search or search term you create, a word cloud is generated. For example, the contextual word cloud that results on a search for ‘life’ is nothing short of poignant: short; beautiful; families; outcomes… Could this be giving us a glimpse at the human preoccupations that live at the heart of all this TED data and its sum of knowledge, experience and expertise? You decide. Power, sex, money, creativity – regardless of your search terms, the results are equally illuminating.

Try it for yourself to find out.

This ability to search and find new meaning from a massive archive of audio or video transcribed data, or to jump straight to points of relevance and bypass an otherwise laborious discovery journey, brings tremendous efficiency to the commercial world.  Aside from the entertainment and media industries, legal and law enforcement practices can use this to complement their e-discovery practices and dramatically reduce research time.

In addition to the word cloud of relevant terms this type of Squirro search produces, and the ability to jump ahead to pinpoint areas of relevance, Squirro will soon be adding new layers of context to this TED Talk search such as sentiment, entity or concept detection.

Are you interested in extracting more meaning from your data? Contact us for a personalised demo using your data to see what you will discover.