Welcome to the Team, Roberto!

February 23, 2012

This still young year started very luckily for us when it comes to finding great talents. Within just a few weeks we were able to find not only one but two great developers. Let me introduce Roberto, who joined us in January.

With his long experience in python development and a great knowledge of web development he is a perfect match to our team.

Without much introduction Roberto became a productive member of our little scrum team right from the start and helps us building the first iteration of the engine behind squirro. And by now he is also coordinating a big junk of our front-end work.
And whenever we are looking for an existing solution for a certain problem, you can be ensured that Roberto comes up with something from his big fund of known frameworks or services.

And – well look at him – he does all of that with style, as one would expect from being Italian.

Before joining us, he was actually thinking of leaving Switzerland and already quit his flat here. Roberto, we are very happy that you changed your mind and decided to stay and work with us. Thank you.

(And yes, he is still looking for a new flat in Zürich, so if you know of something…)

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